Rjcb3's Scarf Exchange Pattern - Completed

When I saw the "Rustic Scarf" that Robert created for the scarf exchange, I fell in love with it. When looking at it, I envisioned being at a New England ski resort in the 1940's. It had a vintage charm I liked.

I used yarn from the stash and here is the scarf. Yarn was Lamb's Pride - Sailor, Brite Blue, Aran and Bear. It is so warm and thick!

Thank you Robert. You opened up a new world for me.

The pattern is available here:


purlyman's picture

So that's the completed piece?!? It's beautiful Rob... can I have it? :-)


NonStopAndrew's picture

It is so pretty. I want.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Love the colors it came out very nice, it look like a good pattern to play around with color-stranding.

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The scarf is beautiful! I definitely see what you mean about the vintage look. The colorway you chose only adds to that vintage feeling. That pattern is definitely going in my list of favorites. Great job!

rjcb3's picture


Rob, that turned out SO awesome!

I really love the colours that you used.

I don't know what to say...



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That is really awesome, the colors are perfect for the pattern. Good to see you, it's been a while.



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Yes...speaking of which...it HAS been a while.


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What a beautiful scarf. It is on my list of want to do's. Great knitting.