Jared Flood's Morningside Neckwarmer

Some *gorgeous* hand-spun and hand-dyed alpaca has been sitting in my stash, waiting for the perfect project. Given its luxurious softness, it needed to be something next to the skin and, alas, small: there were only 100 yards in the skein. This neckwarmer seemed the perfect choice -- and was also an opportunity to learn the brioche stitch. Wonderfully squishy and lofty, this stitch took a few tries to learn knitting it in the round. But once learned it was an easy, fun knit.


QueerJoe's picture

That color is beautiful and perfect choice of projects...mmmm...soft, silky alpaca.

jwhassjr's picture

Perfect color to brighten up your mood on a cold, dreary day. I like it! Great job.