Wedding gift help...

So I have this friend up in DC. I've backed out of being his groomsman due to lack of funds to travel to DC. His wedding is in May and I'd like to knit them something as a gift either by itself or in addition to something else. I'd like to do a blanket, since I'm feeling guilty about backing out as his groomsman. I'm not sure I have the time however.

Any body have any suggestions for wedding gifts that can be knitted up in 2 months?


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A friend of mine recently completed a large throw .. a blanket .. made with very nice chunky yarns, two strands together, knit on size 19 needles. It went pretty fast. I can well understand the time constraint knitting a blanket using smaller needles, but perhaps the chunkier yarn would work well for you.


If you really have very little time, perhaps his and hers slippers. Another option: knitted and felted tea cosy, perhaps matching their dishes if they've chosen some. Or perhaps knitted and felted oven mitts.

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washcloth sets w/ some artisan soaps?


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There are many options I can think of: pillows, doilies, dish clothes (linen in a nice pattern), market bags, and felted coasters to name a few. If you did a doily, you may find a nice wedding motif and have it framed so they can hang it. That's something they're likely not to get from just anyone, and it will be extra special since it's hand made.

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There is always the Hot Damn can be knit quickly on large US 19 or US 35/36 needles using 4-7 strands of yarn (google it). Knits quickly but can be on the heavy side depending on the yarns. What I've seen and done is to use 1 or 2 strands of a solid color wool or wool/acryl blend and then use different textures and novelty yarns to fill in the rest of the strands. This allows you to use up left over stash yarns and still have a cohesive looking piece. If you use high end yarns, wools, silks, alpaca etc with nice novelty yarns it will be a treasure and a true Hot Damn Afghan!