Heading to the Mayan Riviera and am planning to knit on the beach

So I've taken my knitting on vacation lots of time (knitting in the airport is fine - but knitting on a plane sucks...) but I'm wondering:

I was thinking of buying yarn down there, but I don't know if Mexico (and Playa Del Carmen in particular) is a good place to buy wool?

Does anyone have experience in this?

Knitting on the beach is great too! You can relax and get the occassional sideways glances. It's just the little old ladies who want to chat and talk about their projects and how they wished their daughters would knit and have you been knitting long, and does your mother know, and...


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I've been down to Cancun a number of times and I always knit in the airport, on the flight and in my hotel room...but I've never knit on the beach...I guess I figured it would just be too messy with the breeze and the sand and ocean and all.

In my many trips down there, I've never found a place that sold yarn.

One of our members (I think Solomondre is in this group) lives in Puerta Vallarta, and friends from up North often bring him yarn when they go down on vacation!

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Yes I have taken yarn to Solomon and he really appreciates it as "real" yarn is not available all he can get is acyrlic Ugh!!! apparently the yarn molds very quickly unless kept in Plastic. I was just there and I took my knitting on the plane (with bamboo needles) got half a sweater completed going down then ran out of wool lol. I knitted everyday on the beach and drank Bloody Ceasar's, didn't have to frog once lol. Have attached a pic of me knitting on the beach in previous blog .........

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog In Mexico you can find the omega brand thread yarns which are from Mexico, there have plenty of good yarn for export. What you may find is lace weight yarns, but Cancun is very turistic, I don't think you will find mexican yarns there, specially because that is kind of a very tourist oriented area. I am sure the Rich Mayans did not vacation there lol! The Mayans still speak their language , but they don't make human sacrifices anymore, have fun! Enjoy the beach and do nothing but pamper yourself , I personally would not knit on the beach, I would lay down and soak the sun through sunscreen!

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Hey! I just got back from Cancun day before yesterday...
I have always traveled with my knitting, and often knit on the plane... US FAA regs completely allow knitting needles (http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/assistant/editorial_1252.shtm ), but at Cancun Airport Security for my return flight, they confiscated my needles, and even went so far as to show me the Mexican Aviation regs that prohibit knitting needles on their end... they were kind of apologetic, but not enough to let me keep my Crystal Palace #8's or my 60" Addi Turbo circs ( I kept my mobius scarf on the cable and made them cut the needles off)

So, you shouldn't have any problems on your way down, but you might want to pack them in you checked luggage on your return trip.

I had a great week, and hope you have a safe and relaxing time knitting in the sun. I did!

~ Roberto

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I also spent some time in Soloman. Gorgeous place, but severely lacking in yarn shops. I asked the locals and nope, no clue. but it probably didn't have much to do with my very inferior spanish speaking skills!

N. Mich

N. Mich

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Oh, I'm sooo envious. Bill and I spent many wonderful winter weeks south of Cancun in Playa del Carmen. Enjoy yourself and please take a dip for us.

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I've been to Cancun, etc a couple of times. Didn't buy yarn there but did pick up some silver jewelry at really nice prices. I haven't had any problems knitting on planes recently. Shortly after 9/11 they didn't want people having anything out of the ordinary with them but things have relaxed a bit. I was careful to carry only wooden/bamboo/acrylic needles with me. As for knitting on the beach, I was always too busy swimming, sunning, drinking and people watching. There was always enough of everything to go around. I saved the knitting for when I needed to be out of the sun at mid-day. Be sure to take your sunscreen and have fun!

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Sand, sweat and knitting just doesn't sound like a good combo to me. I love knitting on the plane though.

I would doubt that you would find any interesting yarn stores down there but Mexican silver is very inexpensive.

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I lived in Playa del Carmen for 3 years and loved it and even did some knitting on the beach. That was 4 years ago and it's changing and growing quickly, but I still love visiting on my trips back to Mexico. I never had much luck finding yarn in Cancun or Playa del Carmen (or in Merida, but I've been told that there is a new store there with a selection of yarns).

There was a store in Playa on 10th Ave, if I remember correctly, in Plaza Pelicanos that sold craft supplies (manualidades). I would go there to buy steel crochet hooks and thread for crochet. If they have yarn, it will most likely be the Omega that Andy mentioned, in an acrylic or acrylic blend and it won't be a large selection. You may also see nylon and cotton sold for making hammocks, but it's more like a fine cord. It would be great for a market bag and is usually available in lots of colors.

WalMart also has a selection of craft supplies, including knitting needles and yarn. I think the last time I was there, they even had some yarn that contained wool. If you run out of yarn and need a fix, this is probably your best bet, but I wouldn't think of it as a knitters destination.

Off topic, here are a few non-knitting recommendations:
-Best panuchos in Playa del Carmen are at Dona Mary Loncheria on 30th Ave and 28th St.
-Best Tacos al Pastor are at El Fogon on 30th Ave and 32nd St...I think.
-There is a cute romantic French restaurant called Bybols on 14th St between 5th and 10th Ave that I highly recommend. The owners are wonderful and they have a great wine selection.
-I would skip 100% Natural. It's very popular. I don't know why.
-If you go to the Mayan ruins in Tulum, make time to go to the town of Tulum and eat at Don Cafeto.
-It a little far, but if you want to take a great day trip, go to the three cenotes in Cuzama. It's about 3 hours from Cancun, but one of the best cenote experiences I've had.

Have a great trip!!!