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Every month I send my brother, whose is currently stationed in Iraq, a care package. In each package I include at least one small hand made item.

This month's package will include a hat in desert camo colors. I tried two new things with this hat out of curiosity. I created a 1X1 band at the bottom then switched to stockinette stitch until it was the right length. I imagine this would look dull with a solid color, but I thought it might be OK with a striping yarn.

I also decreased by marking every tenth stitch then k2g before each marker. This created a seemed look at the top. It was interesting, but I think I like my usual 2X2 ribbed hats and old decrease method better. I was thinking a simpler pattern would be more appropriate for him where he's at right now.

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Can I ask what else you put in your boxes? My son is also over there, and besides magazines, gum, candy and cookies, I just don't know what to send him. Any ideas at all would be great!

N. Mich

N. Mich

I go to bath and body and buy manly smelling soaps and lotions. I figure it's a desert over there might could use it and it's a simple little luxury.

I also go to target and get small bags of dried fruit and nuts.

Occasionally I also include cookies, but I only make those I think will survive the journey shortbread and such.

As far as hand made goods. I've sent wash clothes, coasters, and other small things that I hope won't get him laughed at too much.

I've also sent a few books. I'm not at all sure what he reads. So, I send him funny type books.

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There's a great organization called that gives lists of things to send and things NOT to send...I found it very useful when putting together care packages:

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I seem to recall that half-finger gloves were both useful and appreciated.

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Very nice hat - and your a good brother.