Scarf pattern for Noro

Hi All, I am looking for a scarf pattern to knit a batch of Noro silk garden that I ordered. It is the #269, Ivory-Taupe color.

But I want something that would highlight the quality and texture of the yarn, since there are not color variations. Any ideas?


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog YOu may want to do a brioche stitch scarf, I think it will be amazing in Noro!

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I just researched it and that's a great looking stitch. Thanks for the suggestion Andy.

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I just added that to my stash last weekend. It makes me drool. I love the soft taupe monochrome if it. I'm thinking it might be fun to knit the rows length wise. I tried to find a scarf that I think Steve did for the exchange that was K1 sl1 all the way across and done legthwise it was really cool and looked woven more then knitted. I'll keep looking and if I find it I'll show it to you.

Found it. Paste this in your brouser and it should take you there.