Men WHO Knit Learn to knit Afghan Knit Along using Barbara G. Walker Book!

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22% (11 votes)
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78% (38 votes)
Total votes: 49


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I am actually doing this on another site, well I have not started yet, but will soon. Some of you have already done some of the patterns, but some of us have not. This is a book that in my opinion can result in a lot of discussion and participation in this group. I know that SOme of you have made some of these Squares. The Learn to KNit Afghan Book By Barbara G. Walker is a great opportunity to have New and experienced Knitters create something of use that maybe we can donate to a local charity or we can make as a gift for a loved one. Let's hear it. It is a wonderful opportunity to also learn basic crochet if you llike and you can use left over yarn.

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would love to, but I've got too many project on needles and in the queue. Next time, guys!

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Same here....but I'm perfectly willing to kibitz and comment and cheer, and applaud!

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Andy, is it a knit AND crochet project??

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog No it is a Knit ALong that has the option of having a crochet border around the squares that you will be knitting, but there need not to be any crochet at all. It does teach the most basic crochet I guess, I am reading the book as I go. I hope I answered your question!

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I started this about three years ago then put it up, unfinished...would love an excuse to haul it back out and finish it! I have all the yarn and everything. If there's a group, count me in!

Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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Dang. I just knit this book last year. I actually still need to finish seaming it all up. I found that it really increased my skills and confidence level with many different types of knitting - lace, cables, slip-stitch, color. Hmmm maybe I should consider another one with a new color scheme.

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Would one need to buy the book for this knit-along? Sounds like fun... but I haven't seen the project and I'm curious what I'd be getting into...


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Here is a Ravelry Link with more info on the afghan. I would say you would have to buy the book.



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Hi Andy,
CAn you give me an idea of what the afghan looks like / I need to do an afghan for my partner's son and his wife, this might work. But I would not want to commit to doing the knit along until I knew what we were doing.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Here you have a listing of the book with a picture of the Afghan.

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Thanks for the invitation. I would love to do it but time and skill don't permit. I'll finish off my current stuff and post them... I certainly do want to do one one day. I need to make one for my dog, he needs a doggy blanket... but not just yet. I need to practise doing stuff I have already done so I feel a little more confident.
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I'm game. I always love an opportunity to buy more yarn and books.

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Sorry... not this time around. Already have a LOT of projects in the works. Cool idea though...

talk to you soon...
The Shibaguyz

talk to you soon...
The Shibaguyz

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I responded "no" but might be interested if it's something really cool. I will check the Amazon link or other and see what it is. Right now I have so many projects going on it's hard to know which to work on in what few spare minutes I have, which to smuggle into work on what day...

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Another mistaken send. If someone can delete these please do. I will go out for my morning run next time before I start playing with questions.

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Another bad hit on the send button. Is there any way to completely delete? Sorry

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Oops, I hit the send button too many times! Sorry

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I came home with this book from the library early in the week because it looked interesting. I hadn't yet made a decision to start the project...but now I have.

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I'm so sorry, Andy.

...just chalk it up to timing...I have to complete my auction stuff.