I found a pattern!

After searching for somthing cute I decided to just knit a very long Icarus for my black veiling ceremony here in 9 momths * that should give me more than enough time* It will be in black after working a year for this I am going to rock out the black veil for a few months I feel. then I can wear what ever I want on my head LOL

But I am going to knit it in something rather light, probly malibrio lace weight since its going to be hanging down my back it might get a bit heavy...and we dont want to be dragging my head back now do we.

If anyone has any ideas for a better yarn or pattern please let me know I might have to knit a few things up to have some choices when I go out to do Ministry ;-)


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How large do you want your veil to be? When you mentioned the veil before I did some looking and found very few patterns that were calling themselves a veil, and they were all rather small. But if you're wanting something as large as a shawl, then that opens things wide up.

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YEs I was going to use shawl patterns I figured those would be the best.

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

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One of my favorite laceweight yarns is from Chris at Briar Rose Fibers...Angelface is the yarn's name and it comes in some great darks (blacks and browns, blacks and blues) and it knits up a very fine, wonderful lace:


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