Sock 1

This is one out of two and my first try... I'm rather proud of it. The sock that is... not the foot!

I'm not quite so proud of the gnarly old naked foot on show -- thats what 20 years of dance does to you guys!!


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Congradulations!! Details, my man, details... yarn, needles, pattern, toe up or cuff down, etc...

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Oh! Oh! Sorry... I forgot

Cuff down. Yarn is Regia Color 4-ply wool / acrylic mix something like 70/30 or so... in a sort of stranded grey / white / dark grey / natural set of colours. Needles are 2.75 dpn set of 5, but actually I only used 4. The pattern was sent out with the yarn -- which I bought online (and is surprisingly good actually). Coats Crafts UK/

I should be working on my book, but instead I'm rushing home to get on with the second sock!! Argh! Hello... my name is Adrian and I'm a knit-addict.


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Is it difficult to buy online all your wool and stuff? Is it expensive to do so? Here in Turkey there is a lot of acrylic wool, other wools are more difficult to find. Ricke showed me a wool market but not a lot there grabbed my attention. Mind you, I'm not experienced as a knitter so I am not desperate for wool... more need to just get down and produce and refine my skill. But when I do eventually get a decent standard happening I will want to buy stuff like alpaca and other such wool.
Oh when I eventually do get to do socks, I will look you up... but I'm not ready yet... so don't worry... finish your other sock :)
Istanbul, Turkey


It is very easy to buy knitting supplies on line. I have not yet found a decent yarn shop within striking distance of me here in Spain. All English stores ship to Spain, I get alpaca from Australia because for me the exchange rate against sterling is fantastic and I have found only one site in America which would not ship abroad. I do not know how you would fare in Turkey though, until you become part of the great land mass known as the EU.

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"in Turkey there is a lot of acrylic wool"
Do you have those mysterious and dreadful acryls over there? I've never seen one, nor even seen a picture of one. I've always wondered what they looked like. Eveyrone seems to hate them around here, so I just wondered what kind of animals were they.

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Congradulation!! YOu did a fine job on your first sock! Now you are inducded in to the sock hall of fame, lol. I haven't done a sock in while, I need to get back into it, have been doing baby blankets. Great Job! We;ll done!

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Great job, the sock looks fantastic!



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Well done!

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Welcome to the obsession of hand-knit socks... there's no turning back... Looks very nice. Now cast on the other sock before you fall victim to the second sock syndrome!

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Very good. Now, (and when my Dad was alive he always loved wearing socks that I made for him, but he always joked about this) can you make another one enough like this one that you can call them a pair? Someone else mentioned the dreaded "second sock sydrome". I have known at least one person, who quite honestly I thought was a little AR about everything, who got two identical sets of needles, cast on both socks at the same time, worked about 10 rows on one, 10 on the the other, knitted down one heel flap, then the other, turned one heel, then the next, picked up the stitches around the edges in excruciatingly identical fashion, etc. I always went with a bit more laissez faire practice, holding the one I was making against the finished. If they looked alike, then it "worked". No need to push it beyond that I think. Why make life any harder than it has to be? Knit on!

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Oh, gosh, that's how I do it. When I first learned how to make socks I met a woman doing that in the gift store she ran and it seemed like a great idea. I don't do the 10 row thing but I do the cuff on both then the leg, then the heel, etc. I don't think of myself as terribly AR but maybe I am. It really is the best way to avoid second sock syndrome. Anyway, great sock on first go at it. My first pair were not wearable.

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Oh, yes, everyone has enough needles to do a pair of socks at the same time -- doesn't everyone?

I've done them that way a couple of times. Of course, the best thing to do is knit them side by side, together, on long circulars. Then they would match row for row, and stitch for stitch. Never have to worry about SSS, and when you finish one, you have finished the other one too!!

There was a woman that knit 4 pairs at the same time on circulars -- but really now --- that is going a bit too far!!

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Very nice sock, Adrian. It looks as if you've knit several pairs before, which is quite a complement to your knitting skills. I've not used any of the Regia yarns but I like the look of them. Right now, I want to use up a bunch of the sock yarn stash before any more gets added. (Yeah...Right...It's a dream, anyhow.) I don't get too AR over whether the yarns match up exactly or not, but I try to start about the same color repeat when I cast on the second sock. Still, they will look alike enough that they will make a matched set. Still, I do keep notes as to rounds of ribbing, rounds to heel, etc. so the socks come out to the same size. (Hopefully...tension affects tension, ya know.) And YES.. "Hello. My name is Joe. I am a knitting addict." Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Congratulations! It looks great!! I'm working on my first pair of socks now. I'm almost about to start decreasing for the toe of the second one. The second sock has a bit tedious, but I just casted on within minutes of finishing the first to not allow myself to even THINK of the second sock syndrome I read about on here! Great job!