Cable Guy Sweater

Here's what I've been knitting on since last fall, only tking a short break for a couple of scarves. It's from Son of Stitch n Bitch. The Yarn is Shepherd's Wool from Stonehedge Farm in Michigan. Knit on #7 adn #9 circulars from the bottom up. I'm thrilled with the final result. And it's just in time for us to hit 80 degrees tomorrow! *sigh*.


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That's a really beautiful sweater. The colour is great and the cables are most interesting.

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Congrats.....on finishing the looks fantastic and the colour is very good on you.

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looks amazing (and I LOVE all the yarn in the background - are you in your home or a yarn shop?!)




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How'd you like the shaping on the shoulders and neck? I was looking at the pattern and thinking I might adjust didn't look very finished to me when I saw one in person. Are you pleased with how it turned out and fits?

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Very nice and great pic of you too!

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i really like that. guess it goes on the queue. handsome photo btw

we put birds on things

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It looks great. I really love the color. I think my next project will have to be a similar color.


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Looks great! I have yet to dare to do an all-over cable pattern, but your sweater gives me inspiration. ( y'know, if you dump those books you'll have room for more yarn).

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You did a great job on the sweater! I'm actually working on the same pattern now for my partner in an olive green colorway in Andean Silk from KnitPicks. I'm on the second sleeve, and then I'll work on joining them to the yoke. This is my first time using this technique, so I hope you don't mind me sending you a private email if I get stuck along the way? There were some finished Cable Guy sweaters on Ravelry that I didn't find very successful, so I got nervous. After seeing yours, however, my confidence has been renewed...thanks! It was probably their choice of yarn and gauge. I love the color you chose! It's probably the color I would have picked if I were making the sweater for myself.

Off to some throwing...

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The pattern is basically correct and easy to follow. There's one mistake in Row 1 of the neck shaping: It should be knit to 4 stitches before the marker, not 5. The tricky thing is negotiating the cables with the Raglan decreases. I'd be happy to help you decide what to do for your sweater. What size are you making?

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Thanks for the tip Stuart! I sent you a PM with more info. I'll keep you updated.


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Great job! It looks terrific. I really like that pattern and have considered making one "someday". You have given me some motivation to move that one up in my queue.

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It looks wonderful. I, too, have that one on my que. And I do want to know... is that your home or a yarn shop??

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It's home. I'm almost embarrassed, but I wanted to be able to see all my stash, so I went to Ikea and POOF! I'm actually going to sell the couch I'm sitting on in the picture and get a table to set up my knitting machine on so I'll have a real "knitting studio"

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That's a beautiful sweater. I think I will have to get that book. I have not done a sweater on circulars from the bottom up. Great job.

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Your sweater looks great, and I love your wall of yarn.

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This is beautiful. I love the pattern! The last cabled sweater I made was the Lemon Peel Twist, from the cover of Interweave Knits back in 2003. The red is great for you, too! I will have to get this book!

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The sweater is great looking, I didn't ever like it from the picture in SoSnB, but this color looks very pretty. One day, if I ever make another sweater.

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Well now, it's supposed to be cloudy and rainy for the next entire week. And cooler. Perhaps you'll get a chance to wear it afterall?


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When you say "Working on since last fall", did you mean just 6 months ago Fall '08 or a year and a half ago fall '07? Just wondering how long it would take me to do this.
You said you worked from the bottom up on circular. Does that mean the main body of the sweater was done in the round with no front/back pieces needing to be stitched together?

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It took about 3 months total, so fall on '08, and yes, it was in the round with no seaming. three tubes (body and two sleeves, joined at the underarms then made into one big tube and decreased up to the neck. It's a great way to make a sweater for those of us who either a) don't like seaming, and/or b) SUCK at it.