knit a river

This is a gentle request. 

Can any of you lovely gentlemen help with any promotion for the knit a river campaign?

I've done a lot of promotion in and the take up has been fantastic with knitters offering to help by taking posters to their local yarn stores or knitting groups.

Do any menwhoknit think they might also be able to do anything like this? If so let me know. I'd be extremely grateful. There is a poster available, pdf and hard copy.

Thanks a million, happy knitting.


Hi Gerada

I've sent this around my work place to day and asked them to print out the details of the petition and place these next to the water coolers.  It seems deadful that we won't even drink good tap water when so many have no potable water at all.

I would ask that all 504 registered users of this site leave what they're making for a day and knit one square for this valuable work.

From one of I Knit's links:

please send them to

I Knit
Knit A River
7 Courthope House
Hartington Road

more info can be found at

 (Gerard, If this info is incorrect or out of date, please contact me and I will modify or delete this post.)

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the deatails posted by zZigzZag are correct.

thanks for all your enthuiasm! 


I knit


I knit

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Count me in.............

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I'm really new at this--I've been knitting for a couple of weeks--but I think I could manage a square.  When are submissions due?

I'm up for this too and I'll pass the info on to the LYS. A collection point over here also sounds like a great idea.

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Ok, one sand stitch 6x6 square going in the post tomorrow morning.  So you don't get confused, mine will be the blue one.  (duh?)  Except mine has a tiny brass Texas cowboy boot in the middle.  Good luck and best wishes with your cause.


"If a man has cream at home in the refrigerator he won't go out looking for 2% butterfat"
............Erma Bombeck

Of course I'll knit you at least one & put some flyers up around school and email the knitters I know. 


Knit away, knit away

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Wow, great idea about the water cooler, Simon!

I'm definitely knitting a square or two and I'll see what else I can do.  People at work have been bugging me to teach them to knit, so this might be a good introduction project!!!

Did any of you hear about the Red Sweater project.  Another recent social activism/knitting project here in San Francisco that slowly got more and more press in the knitting magazines, etc.  It will happen the more you talk about it, Gerard.


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Thank you guys for all the comments. It would be great to organise a collection point, not sure if I could do that from here, though. The closing date is early next year so there is lots of opportunity to knit blue squares.

It's been a great way to teach people at my knitting group. It's great practice for new kniitters too. It also means that you don't have to go back and fix mistakes and when the square is finishing it's easy to show them why and ho the mistake happened.

When the poster is ready I will post here and maybe we could start another campaign to get the poster up at every water cooler on the planet! lol.

Thanks again for the support.



I knit


I knit

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Gerard, and everyone else who is planning on knitting a square.  I work at Starbucks Coffee Company and we are a huge supporter of water projects (we'll donate $10 million over the next 5 years specifically for water projects and we are also a corporate partner of WaterAid).  It's also a very supportive company when it comes to encouraging us to get involved in our community (locally and globally).  SO, here's what I propose:

We have program called Make Your Mark.  It's a grant program.  You gather a group of volunteers (that's you guys and your friends), do volunteer work (in this case, knitting for a cause) and keep track of your time spent and then Starbucks will make a donation to whatever charity we choose (WaterAid, of course!) based on the number of hours we log.

If we can log 100 hours of volunteer effort in support of WaterAid, then we can earn a $1000 grant for the organization!  So, 50 guys knitting for 2 hours each...that's 100 hours.  (and you do need to be knitting for a cause.  You can't be working on your fun fur iPod sweater and count the hours).  Anyone interested?

I need to figure out how to log all of the hours...I'll start a separate forum topic and everyone who is participating can add a comment with their name.  Then as you knit squares, you can go back and edit your message (there's a little link at the bottom of the message that says "edit") with how many hours you've spent (and for fun, how many squares you've knit).  Tell your friends!

In fact, if you get a group of friends together and you all knit squares, keep track of how many people and how many hours and log them!  Make it fun!

I hope that you'll all spend an hour or two!  Keep me posted!


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I'd be happy to make up some squares since we have some time.  

Brent Troth  Clearwater, Florida

Brent Troth  Raleigh, NC

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Awesome cause.....I'll start right away. Thanks for raising a little consciousness!!!!


Dear Cousin Across the Pond: (aka:  CAP)

Posters arrived today.  Pristine condition, I might add.  I'll get them to our two yarn Pushers here in the Tampa Bay area.  If you'll send me your address, a little something from Tampa, Flahridah could be coming your way . . . . . . Little boy . . . . . . . Candy???? . . . . . . Oh, come on, then:  write me:

Send your land addy 'cause I have something I'd like to send over to you.

Great Cause, this.  Thanks for sending the posters.

Hogs & Quiches,

~Mike in Tampa (who reminds you that you were supposed to let me help with the postage . . . ahem . . .) 

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