The Purple Diamond

I ventured into Chicago yesterday to yarn hop and meet up with friends for dinner.

My adventure began at Nina Chicago on Division near Ashland. BEAUTIFUL PLACE! It has more of an art gallery feel to it than a yarn shop. All of the yarn is very artfully displayed and the sleek decor was very chic. You can see more at They had a knitted sample of Baby Booties that looked like those Eskimo boots or Uggs. They were absolutley adorable so I inquired about the pattern. I was told that the pattern was a free download from so I bought the needed yarn! As much as I said that I would NOT knit baby gifts... these are just way too cool to pass up! A non-traditional knitted item for baby that I can wrap my head around! (picture attached below)

Afterwards, I went down to Chicago's historic Printer's Row neighborhood in the south loop to "Loopy Yarns" Loopy has a very wide selection of yarns... and even had a guy on staff! Descending a wide spiral staircase leads to the rather spacious common area, classrooms and offices. I found the staff and owner to be very nice and I lingered in the common area knitting on my socks for a couple hours. You can see more at

A very dear, longtime friend was in town from New Mexico and met up with me at Loopy where we visited before heading over to the university to meet up with a third friend for dinner. Barb, Paul & I all worked together some 18, 19 years ago. Barb is now a nursing professor where I went to school. I was excited to deliver the "Diamond Knit Shawl" I made for her. She was most pleased with the color and especially excited that it matched the color of her lanyard pen!! We had a wonderful time laughing and chatting and generally being goofy.

I used Ironstone Cotton in Bulky that I bought at The Gifted Purl in Dundee, IL and US Size 11 needles. The pattern was a free download from Lion Brand web site.

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SOunds like a fun time. I love the shawl, especially the color. Nice job and what a great gift.

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Great shawl Bill! It's actually one of my favorite colors. Your friend looks like a hoot. You can see the excitement in her face.

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I adore Babs and, yes, we have a really good time!! Interestingly, one of my co-workers has had her as a professor for a class in her Master's Program and groaned (in a bad way) when I mentioned that I had seen the good professor!!! It's not that she is an uncaring person (far, far from the truth) but she does teach some rather rigorous courses... including the graduate level Research Statistics!

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By the way, I made those booties for my best friend's little girl and they were a big hit. It's a quick, easy pattern and they are adorable!

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Millard -
Each ball of the suede yarn is 100 yds. Any idea how much of each I will use on a pair? I am hoping to do several of these booties!!

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I tried to look for the left over skeins, but could not find them--sorry! From what I remember, I had at least enough to do one more pair, possibly two. We should be cleaning up the guest room over the next week, so if I find them I'll give you a more accurate estimate.

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Great reaction - you can tell she was very pleased. The shawl looks great.

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