Latest Finished (not Finnish) Sweater

I've posted this to my blog a while ago, but I thought I'd share it here as well (can you tell I'm proud about this one?

The sweater was designed mostly on the needles except for a couple of color patterning that required me to graph it out first.

The main section of the pattern is stolen from a sweater design from a book called Knitting Out of Africa by Marianne Isager. But the collar treatment and the sleeve design and the frame of the front and back are just ad hoc designs.


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OMG that is just gorgeous! I don't blame you for being proud.



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Okay, I give. You are the sweater god!. It's beautiful! I might even sell myself for that sweater.

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Who wouldn't be proud? That is just fantastic.

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I absolutely LOVE this sweater -- have been watching it on your blog. My only regret about it being done is that there aren't more updates coming!

Beautiful work on an incredible knitter!

Grace and peace,

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Amazing! It sounds like it just flowed through your consciosness. What construction is this sweater?

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It's knit completely in the round including steeks for the front collar placket, the neck shaping/opening and the armscye opening.

The sleeves are set-in using a squared off inset, and I added in some stitches for a small gussett.

I also did a lot of shoulder shaping using short-rows (the only time I had to purl).

The sleeves were picked up from the armscye and knit down to the cuff.

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Did you bind off the underarm stitches, or put them on holders? Did you pick up the stitches around the armhole all at once and start knitting, or use some other method? How did you do your underarm decreases to get it so well squared off? What percentage of body stitches did you take off at the underarms? Sorry for so many questions, but I have been tinkering around lately with square armholes. Thanks, Joe.

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It's great when someone understands the process I went through to be able to ask such good questions.

I did bind off the underarm stitches to create the squared-off notch. I also picked up all the stitches around the armhole at once, and only decreased at the underarm until the designated gusset stitches were absorbed. I used the percentages from Knitting in the Old Way: Designs and Techniques from Ethnic Sweaters by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts.

I think I bound off about 26 stitches for each underarm shaping, but I'd have to look at my notes (at home) to find out what percentage it was.

I honestly have to say that my two sleeves are different...the first one I felt I didn't pick up enough stitches around the armhole and it felt a bit too tight until I blocked it...the second one I compensated with more picked up stitches and didn't block out anywhere near as much. They look the same until you count the stitches :)

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Thanks, Joe, this is very helpful!

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WOW!!!!!! Truly gorgeous -- and an amazing achievement. Will you bring it to MSKR 2009 so we can see it on your person?!?!?!!? -John

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Yes...we have a Showoff night after dinner on Saturday, so I'll bring it for that...I'm hopeful that my latest lace project is done by then as well.

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Oh boy!!!!!!!!!! Just beautiful and in my favourite colours (Dennis brown) lol. I have the out of Africa book and just love it, just not enough hours in the day.............................

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Ah, so much to learn. One day I hope to gain the knowledge and skill to create a sweater as beauful as yours. Until then, I'll have to dream. BTW you look really handsome wearing it!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog SO far it looks fantastic, great job!

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That pretty much looks like a masterpiece to me. Beautiful.

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we put birds on things

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Well done. It is quite a handsome sweater and work of art. Thanks for sharing all the technical aspects of it as well. Those projects that push us to learn more and more are worth it in the end run.

Enjoy wearing it. Bring it to Rhinebeck in October. That way Carol and I can see it.

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Ah, Joe. My hero. Sigh!



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I've also been following this on the blog. Such great knitting. I may have to get inspired...Take care. Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Looks great Joe, you've done a fabulous job.

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Wow! Not only does that sweater look awesome, but also looks really good on you! Fantastic job and such talent!

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Gorgeous! I really, really like that!

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I made a comment on your blog and will make another here. You did such a wonderful job. The colours are right on as well as the pattern. You are an inspiration. Great knitting.

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Wanna get to that skill level!
An inspiration!

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That is outstanding. It is one of the most beautiful sweaters I have seen. Is there a zipper in the neck opening ? I am working on one now that has a zipper there and I am worried about sewing it in and having it look right. Great job.

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Thanks, there is no zipper or button or snap...just a larger opening to get my fat head through it. I have made sweaters with zippers, and I didn't find it that difficult at all, although I worried about the first one.

I asked for a lot of advice from people that sew and their advice was useful. The three most useful pieces of advice:

- buy the right kind of zipper...I had never done a zipper in anything before and didn't even realize that some zippers open at the bottom and some don' first purchase was for the wrong type...ugh!
- with the zipper closed, pin it into place with a lot of pins
- sew it with a sewing machine, not by hand...I tried both and the hand-sewing was practically impossible for me but the machine was quite easy.

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This is gorgeous. I've enjoyed seeing the progress pictures on your blog as well; thanks for sharing them. Such a great design and a true inspiration. My first sweater was done using the % system from the same book and once I finish my current sweater I think it's time to get creative and venture into colorwork. Congratulations again on such a great sweater!

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Woweee!! That's amazing. I've seen the Knitting Out of Africa book - I recognize the body now that you mention it. Very beautiful work Joe!


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That is one awesome sweater! It'll be a l-o-n-g time before I get to that level. A beautiful pattern throughout ... and plenty of it in there. You model it well, too!!!

Keep it lite and happy!

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EXQUISITE! You're officially my new knitting hero!