A Skein is Born

This is the Merino, bamboo, nylon blend from the Gods of Kobol Line!
These colors are very close to the real colors, enjoy.

This is the plain Crystal Palace Iceland Yarn This I called Artemisa.


YarnGuy716's picture

That really looks great! I love the top skein ::pets yarn::
Can't wait to see it knit up.

albert's picture

Yarn dyeing is an art in itself. I hope you'll post a picture of the finished object.

purlyman's picture

Wow... you've got some talent. It's beautiful.


StuartWS's picture

Will you dye me a Caprica 6 -- Scarlet red with shots of black and white?

albert's picture

Would like an olive with that?

Crafty Andy's picture

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I am making soxk with one of them and maybe a hat with the other lol!