New finish project

Thank you guys for the great tips, I have enough now. Thanks again. It feels good to know I have a place to get help. Thanks guys


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I hate to bring up the "G" word, but how is your gauge? Are you getting the number of stitches per inch that the pattern calls for?

I tend to knit on the loose side, so I usually go down one or two needle sizes to give me gauge and a fabric I like. So I am knitting worsted weight on a US6.

Also, a gentle wash might smooth out the stitches and make it look better.

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thanks for the tip, I will try it. About my gauge I follow to the pattern. Maybe my tension might be too loose

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What fiber is the yarn? If wool, you might give it a gentle fulling by hand agitating it in warm soapy water so that you can control the process.

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Thanks I will try that

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I knitted a 100% linen "T shirt" one summer that was nice but the ribbing was "sloppy" I found some elastic thread that matched the sweater and turned to the wrong side and sort of crocheted a running chain stitch through the back side of the ribbing without pulling it too tight. This tamed it really nicely and gave it a better shape but if the entire sweater is too big, then I'm not sure. A person who sort of mentored me in earlier times when I was having gauge issues reminded me if a sweater was a bit big I could still wear it but if too small I would always hate it and wonder what had gone wrong. Hope you can salvage yours. I have taken things in along the side seams. It's not hard, just like making a seam but taking in more than just the added stitch.

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thanks for the tips. I can salvage mine, I just don't like how it fits. Thanks again

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Hey hang in there buddy, I'm with you... as in, I have the same sort of problems... I have great intentions but everything seems to go wrong and I have to compensate. Gauge is an issue for me and following exactly the instructions is another problem cos I misinterpret or forget or don't notice stuff... It's amazing, I have a masters degree and I have trouble following a pattern... I will persevere ... so should you... I don't know but I think I will start to specialise either in sweaters .... to get my success rate up and confidence in myself.
Great sweater...
Istanbul, Turkey


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Thanks for your reply. It is good to know I am not the only one with these issues Nice hearing from you