Lace shawl

My mom once told me about seeing a very fine lace shawl, so lightweight that the sales lady was able to draw it through one of her rings.  Has anyone made something like this?  Do you know of any good patterns?  I was thinking it would make a nice birthday gift.


These are Scottish Shetland Shawls also known as Wedding Ring Shawls for obvious reasons. You will still easily find many good books with the traditional pattens in. is a good place to start.  There are several books on the subject available. You will need the correct fine wool which is still available from the original spinner Jaimison and Smith and who still produce both the lace-weight yarns and patterns.  Their site is They also do kits in some fabulous patterns.  This site is well worth a gander as they have a huge range to stuff including raw fleeces for all you spinners out there.

Other countries make similar shawls but being British I can only suggest they are inferior copies!

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You should look at Sharon Miller's website. She's done a good bit of research into traditional patterns for these sorts of shawls and has some lovely patterns. Quite a project to take on. I haven't worked up the nerve do do it myself, yet.

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I spend HOURS on Sharon Miller's website!  Good call Mel. 

Orenburg lace shawls from Russia are also commonly referred to as Wedding Ring Shawls.  THE best source of information on Orenburg lace has to be Galina Khmeleva and her company Skaska Designs Limited.  Along with articles in pretty much all of the major knitting and handwork magazines, she has two books available: Gossamer Webs and The Gossamer Webs Design Collection, both of which I recommend without reservation if you're interested in lace knitting.  Gossamer Webs has lots of history and old photos, as well as patterns and a tiny sampler shawl for practice.

I've been told she will be coming to the San Francisco Bay Area next year to teach a workshop (I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saving my pennies).  She does have other workshops scheduled and has a booth at many of the major fiber events.  You'll find a calendar on her website.  Her booth is always amazing, draped in lace, so tempting.  I finally gave in to temptation and bought enough yarn for a triangular shawl this year, although I probably won't get to it until next year.

Thanks guys!  There are some awesome designs on these sites, and I've also ordered some books from the library.  I've never made lace and feel a little intimidated by it, but I think I'm ready for a challenge.

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Just remember lace is like any other knitting; one stitch at a time.

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