This is Tumbleweed by Kim Hargreaves. It appeared in Rowan #4.

I apologize that this photograph is on its side. I don't know how to change that.


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Like I said about the other sweater... it's beautiful!!


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Both sweaters are gorgeous. Amazing work.

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One day I hope to be able to make these beautiful things.

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"One day" is a greased pig- just do it Bro!

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But I can deal with a greased pig! Right now I am just trying to make a second set of socks. Zero's are evil. If I tried to make something like this I would never leave my room. I would be constantly telling people that No, I did not want to go out to the bar, they kicked me out last time for knitting.

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Beautiful job and beautiful color.

The easiest way I know of rotating an image using delivered Windows software (if you are, in fact, using Windows) is by using Microsoft Paint (Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint).

Once you bring up the image in Paint, click on the menu bar for Image > Flip/Rotate. Select Rotate by Angle and in your case, rotate it 270 degrees.

If you're on a Mac platform and can't do it...I can't help you there.

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omg that's amazing! you do fantastic work *all the time!!*
Change your thoughts; change your world.

Change your thoughts; change your world.

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What a beautiful sweater.

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Thank you, guys. I love the color, too. It is called Anthracite, another Jamieson yarn.