Fourth Hat

This is a picture of my fourth hat now. This one is what I call a slouchy beanie. I have an order from a friend for another one with blue in. It's his birthday in June so may get it done for then.


scottly's picture

I like this hat but I'd love to see what it looks like on. It sort of looks like it would fit like a beret. Can you take a picture with it on?

Tallguy's picture

Basically, it is like a beret. You would do them very much the same. The final look all depends on the blocking. For a beret, you would place a large dinner plate, or something large and round, inside the hat when drying it to create that classic beret style. But left un-shaped, it is like the hat above.

I've noticed a great interest these days among the young girls for these slouchy hats. You can't call them a beret because they will freak out, but a slouchy hat is proper. Same thing, different name!