Monkey Moo

A monkey I knitted for a new baby that my friends have had recently. It took ages to make up with lots of seams to sew up.... but worth it for the finished result.


PhilNmtl's picture

You, sir, are a hero!!! What a gorgeous gift and what lucky friends to have you as a friend who puts this time and work into a one-of-a-kind for their baby. Kudos! - Phil

purlyman's picture

That's so cool. Considering I love knitting but sort of hate sewing and finishing up stuff I don't think I could so this. They are going to love it!


albert's picture

Really cute, and a lot of work!

crmartin's picture

All of your projects look great! I especially like this one, so adorable. I'm sure they will cherish it for years.



scottly's picture

Oh, my gosh, I just want to snuggle with it.

richiesoft's picture

Thanks for your lovely comments. Would love to make another one soon for another child I know. Got a baby's cardigan to finish off first though... Cheers again, it's nice to get some feedback from other knitters!!