Kieran Foley

Has anyone worked on patterns from this man, they are fantastic but oh so difficult. I have done his free scarf pattern with no problem so I purchased his "Crocodile" pattern to use on a sweater I am making for myself, 5 times I have tried and can not get it right!!! I thought I was passed being beat by a designer but this guy has me flumaxed. I have even emailed him but I still can't work it out. He basically works in a MC and a CC and achieves curves in his designs by move the colours by increasing and decreasing I am keep my overall stitch count correct but end up with them being in the wrong place. I would really appreciate any help you can offer!!!!!


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I saw the pattern and it is a very ambitious knit. I commend you on your daring adventure, but combining color-stranding and increases and decreases is a line by line nightmare in my opninion. Let's see if some of the otherpeople aho do lace can help you out!

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Lol, I am known for my mad endeavors so I guess I will just proceed. Besides Kieran has kindly sent me a larger graph with the non existant sts included and it is much easier to follow. I now feel a proper fool for not getting the first second third fourth and oh yes fifth attempt. It is going well now so hope to have a new project to put forward for inspection soon.

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I know the feeling- I classify all the knitting I've done in the past year as "experiments".

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I don't know his patterns or work but I am going to take a look. It would be nice to work on something that another guy actually designed for a change. Some of the stuff I see looks so frou-frou. There is another guy on who makes some nice looking designs and publishes the patterns free. Can't recall his name but he's a Californian, I am almost certain. Good luck in your project!

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i've downloaded a one of the pattern sets, but have yet to break into it. I have some Kauni yarn that I'm itchin' to try using.