Rhapsody in Blue

This is made with Paton's merino and Teal Dye. It is a time dye Job, and what that means is that all the sections of this skein have a time limit in the kettle. I am hoping to create more hand dyed yarns, becuase more and more I find myself buying these kinds of yarn, it is a lot of fun to make the skeins and the colorways and there is a lot to learn as well. Thanks for stopping by.


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Awesome color, I'm enjoying seeing what you come up with. I love mixing Teal with other colors like Orange or Purple. The colors really pop in those combinations. You do realize that dyeing yarn can be as addictive as knitting is? BTW, what dyes are you using? Jacquard acid dyes or food colorants?

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I am using all sometimes, lol. The one from this Skein is Jacquard Teal Acid Dye. Addictive you bet, but moderation is the key, if I get to practice a lot and get to make lots of yarn maybe I can make my own yarn to order company.

I can tell you that it allows me great self expression. I did another skein which I will post some other time later on in which I used some mix of other colorings to create the effect. No more boring yarn that's for sure!

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The colours are terrific!! Also am quite taken with the colourways that you'd achieved with "A Skein is Born" they are gorgeous.

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Fantastic colors. I am in awe of anyone who dyes yarn. Just the thought of it scares me. Great job.

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I really like the teal- I can see it being knit up with a light grey.

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Really nice colors! Somehow the idea of getting wool hot and wet scares me a bit. I guess I am thinking of the felted Teddy bears and mittens I've made in the past. Guess it's all in knowing what you're doing. This is beautiful!

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Beautiful yarn, you'll have to set up a shop on Etsy.com to sell your yarns.



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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I think that eventually I may set up a shop on Etsy. This is a lot of fun and very creative which is something I enjoy!

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Andy, have you tried dyeing with turmuric? It's a very tasty kichen spice that yeilds a beautiful golden yellow.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I thought about dyeing with tumeric a while ago, I take Tumeric as an herbal supplement and it is very very very beautiful color, next badge I will try using it for a dye and will post a picture.

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I saw Andy's yarns last night...they're even richer in person...
He's having WAY too much fun!!!