My niece's 1st birthday...A sweater

I made this for my niece, Katie, who turned 1 last wednesday. The pattern can be found on Ravelry as a free download...just search for pinwheel sweater, I think.
I also need to acquire a picture of my Queen Anne's shawl, which has been resting at a point halfway through it's cast-off edge.

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Really elegant color coordination, beautiful knitting- nicely done!

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Very cute!! Did you have to do any sewing of pieces together? Take (or ask for) pics of her wearing it too!


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She wouldn't keep it on long enough...I'll ask for a pic though. No seaming...just a big circle with sleeves. You have to do a provisional cast-on for the sleeve holes though. And the i-cord edge was a b**** to knit, but it was fun overall.


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The sweater is really cute and I like the colors you chose. I love making kids garments. I'm sure her parents really appreciated it.

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Beautiful sweater, the colors are gorgeous. Added pattern to my queue.



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I made a couple slight changes, so if you start it, and you're curious, let me know.


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Way cool. You've got to post a picture with your niece wearing it.