I Hate Me

I'm doing a pair of clogs and they are going along great.  Finished the first and was down to the outer sole of the second, got through the "hell" 2, 4, and 6 rows only to discover that I had picked up and used a size 11 instead of 13!

 I said somthing a bit like "darn" only I think it was stronger. 


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aaah ican hear the fabulous noise of soft yarn being rriiiippppped out:) im so sorry to hear this and i have done this before too. what doesnt kill us, makes us better knitters:)

Been there!  I've seen recommendations to go through the pattern and mark all the instructions for your size, but I never do it.  It's infuriating to get it wrong though, 'cause making a couple of extra stitches won't really fix the problem.

I am working on the "Fiber Trends" clogs now.  Almost finished with the first one.  I can't wait to felt them as I have never felted before.  Hang in there...you'll be back on track in no time.  PLEASE post a pic when you finish.


Felting is fun. However, I reccomend using the washing machine if you can. Mine is not suitable for felting (front loading and the cycles run weird) and so it took me 3 hours to felt a needle cozy by hand.



Did you use the same size needles on both clogs?  If so,  I am not sure that this should really make a huge difference with a felting project -- as you are going to shrink them anyway - you could probably just get away with less time in the washing machine --  and they would probably still workout.  Either that or they would make a great present for someone with smaller feet -- size ten here :)

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Nope, I sure didn't.  The inner sole and the upper were on a size 13 needle.  The seperate outer sole is the one where I grabbed the 11.  Frogged it and started again.

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OUCH!  Have you gotten through "hell" again using the size 13?  Can't wait to see the pics when you're done.