For a "beary" dear friend....

Part one of a teddy bear exchange...
Lamb's Pride 85% wool, 15% mohair.
Pattern based on the "incredible, custom fit raglan sweater" pattern.
How much fun!


Thor's picture

It looks like the Ernie (& Bert) Sweater!! How cool !

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Love it.

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Looks great! Did you find knitting from the top down to be difficult? I haven't tried it.

vsidart's picture

not at all. it was easy!

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I thought the same as Bill did and my mind immediately went to the Ernie sweater in Son of Stitch n Bitch. Way cute! You did a great job!

† Peace, love and happiness †

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That is just adorable. The teddy bear exchange sounds like a really cool idea.



vsidart's picture

It's been a great way to bring two people a little closer together....

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Sounds like that has worked :-)
I remember that you had been through a rough time relationally. I am really touched by the tenderness of you guys getting closer through a teddy bear exchange.
Blessings on you both as you wade in. hugs -Phil

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This is a great idea and it turned out really cute!