London Beanie

Hi guys, I finally finished my london beanie. I had to rip it out a few times and then my designing wasn't the greatest when it came to adding stitch count for my big head. It's an overly large fit. An online friend having not seen it yet suggested I felt it down to size. Other than that, it's a keeper! I'm proud of it.


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Very smart looking with a handsome color palette--nice job!

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The color combination is gorgeous! You did a beautiful job on it.



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Great job! I love me some London Beanie! I need one up earlier this winter and my partner and I sparred over it all winter long, so I had to knit him one of his very own.


Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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That's awesome! The colors are terrific. Where is the pattern for that? It looks a lot like the pattern that was used for the "Knitting For The Troops" project that the Denver Public Library sponsored a few months ago. We had to use pretty drab colors and there were no stripes though. I would love to wear this one myself! Congrats.


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I know that this pattern is posted in a lot of different places, but here's a link to it from my web blog:

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I already commented on this hat on Ravelry, but I reiterate, it is one that I would wear. careful with the felting though don't make it to small lol.

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Hi guys, Thanks for the good words! You know, when I bought the yarn at the LYS here, I knew the rich brown color from the web, but all I had with me was a b&w printed page. So the owner showed me some browns and I can see how one could be a little persnickety when choosing color. There was a coffee, truffle...almost like going to an art gallery. Hehe. This is fun!!! Yes, the pattern is the simple London Beanie. Thank you Joe. You guys are a great bunch!

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