A new Jumper

I've recently finished the back of a jumper I am knitting for my hard working and long suffering husband - thought I would share.


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...I like that...

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Looking great. I love how the heathered denim yarn shows off the sculpted cabling.

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That is gorgeous! The cable work is amazing. Great job!



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Really beautiful! I just started a multi-cabled aran jumper for myself in khaki. I hope mine comes out half as well!

† Peace, love and happiness †

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Thanks guys - the pattern is from 1969 - my mother made the same jumper for my father while she was pregnant with me.

The yarn is Briggs & Little Blue heather - a great wool to work with

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WOW! I love the cablework. and that color.... I love that yarn!

Wonderful - the colour and the cables are made for each other.

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VERY beautiful!

I really like that elongated cablework.

...a very lucky man, your husband.


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Great looking sweater, love those cables.

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Wow, that yarn choice really makes the cables pop. Beautiful work and I'm sure your husband will love it.

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Fabulous work!

You really did right on the choice of yarn, too. The cable work is so clear and visible.

You let go of it, it let go of you.

Velcro Confucious

You let go of it, it let go of you.

Velcro Confucious

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Wow!!! I am a real fan of Briggs and Little. Beautiful sweater and great knitting.

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Briggs & Little are reasonably close to where I live, just the next province over, so I can feel good about sourcing my yarn locally (well reasonably locally) and supporting a local business, the colours are just perfect for the type of knitting I like to do - Being a Brit in Maritime Canada, its a lot of Aran work for me.

Of course, the way the snow and ice is melting up here, by the time I have translated the arms pattern into a spreadsheet and knitted them up, the jumper will sit unworn until next winter.

Very happy to send out copies of the spreadsheet to anyone who wants one btw.

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Wow, that's an amazing start. It's going to be a gorgeous jumper - can't wait to see the finished product. Great work!