Yarn for sweater

What yarn do you think is good for a sweater? Pattern wants Heavy Worsted (Bulky?). Calls for Wool.
I don't think I really like wool. Isn't it heavy and can't it get itchy?
Do people ever use cotton? What else is out there?
What brands are good and where do you get them?

I see a lot of people recommending certain web sites. But how you do order from them without really being able to feel the yarn and see the true color? What if you don't like it?

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it all depends on the brand....some wools are processed better than others and some people have different reactions to wool than others. some people love cascade (I like it) some people do not. When you are done with your sweater, you can soak it in soak or eucalin and that softens most wools up nicely. You can use cotton, it has different properties than wool, feels different knitting it. For my first sweater I used Berroco ultra alpaca 50% alpaca 50% wool and it is wonderfully soft...and warm. I have some cascade bulky for another sweater that at first feels a little scratchy, but when washed feels great as well...

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There are LOTS of wools and wool-blends that aren't at all itchy. Cascade Bulky Yarn is a perfect example of a yarn that isn't at all itchy...unless someone has an allergic issue with wool to begin with.

Knitpicks Wool of the Andes bulky yarn is also not at all coarse or scratchy and it's 100% wool and only US$3.99 for 137 yards...and it comes in great colors as well.

If you switch to cotton, or a cotton blend, it could make for a VERY heavy sweater and the drape of cotton knitted fabric is very different than wool.

I'd stay away from and Shetland or Icelandic yarns (like Lopi) as I personally find them kinda scratchy...although it wouldn't ever stop me from knitting with them.

Cascade Bulky is wonderful. Just finishing my 3rd sweater in 109 Tweed. Have been told it is not heavy when worn, nor scratchy.

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How is cascade eco+? It is listed as heavy worsted, not bulky, but it is the specific yarn that the pattern calls for (although I'm not worried about that). It is not the cascade bulky that you mentioned, so I don't know if it would be itchy or not.

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I don't know. I just looked the yarn up on the Ravelry Yarn database and there were 23 comments...mostly all positive.

Of the comments that mention texture, the majority say it feels a little harsh on the hank/skein, but it's a lot softer when it's knit up and/or washed. There were two extremes for comments there too...One woman said the yarn made her itch terribly and she could never wear a sweater made with it, while another woman said she slept in it one night with only a camisole underneath and it was like a dream.

Sorry...can't offer any opinions other than others'.

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Just a comment on wool. My partner always claimed that he couldn't wear wool and then I started kintting him stuff out of Merino and Cascade 220 and he can't tell that it's wool. Wool has come a long way from our childhood.