Hey Guys!! I have been on a non-knitting spell, my life has been rather full of drama here of lately. I am not complaining about my life and all, it seems that life has taken a sever right and my knitting went left or something like that. I have been lurking and reading your blogs, but not touvhing the needles. I have tried a couple of times to knit, but end up just making alot of mistakes and then frogging, get frustrated and put down the needles. Usually knitting helps me to relax and unwine, but not here of lately. So I started to read and have been reading the vampire books by P.C. Cast and her daughter ( these were recommended by my oldest daughter, we both read the Twilight series and loved them) I just finished the last book that she gave to me and now have ot wait for the latest book to come out in soft cover, hate to wait. Oh well!! I am rambling on and on sorry. Just wanted to say hi and recomend these books to you all. Both easy reads. Thanks for listening!
Love to all!


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Hey Barry!

I can understand the needle frustration. I went through a phase of that ilk not too long ago. What I found to be the cure for me was a very simple, seed stitch border, stockinette scarf in a luxurious fiber. Virtually mistake fiber... felt good the whole time I was mindlessly knitting. It helped to get me back "in the groove"

In a messed up kind of way, I actually AVOID reading... because I love to do it TOO MUCH! I find that when I read, little things like sleep, food and going to work don't matter that much to me. I try to limit my addiction. I also read the Twilight series. I found Books 1 & 4 to be very good.. with Books 2 & 3 chock full of lots of character development and back story. I also (*shamefully*) admit to reading the entire "Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Chronicles" These are the books that the HBO series "True Blood" is based upon. If I hadn't seen the HBO series first, I never could have gotten beyond book one (and there are 8). The books are so poorly written, virtually no character development... but DANG - I sure loved the plot lines! I ate those books up and spit em out faster than B&N could get em to me! They are the perfect vehicle for a television series, too, as the directors and actors can bring SO MUCH to the vacant characters and truly make them live. So, the vampire books sucked (LOL!) but I loved them!

The knitting will come. Relax! You have not left us (nor us, you!)... merely charging your creative batteries for your next endeavor.

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Thanks Thor for your thoughts,
it helps to know that there ate others out there, some feel the same way you do an others may feel diffenterly but very similar to tour thoughts and feelings. Jusy good to know I am not alone, THANKS!!

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I'm with you and Bill. I had a knitting vacation back in June-mid-August at the end of last summer. I think, in part, I always take a knitting holiday around this time because I get SO anxious about waiting for colder weather to come about (living in New Orleans in 100% humidity doesn't make for an enjoyable wool or alpaca sweater knitting session)! The summers here seem endless some times, then when "winter" finally arrives its very mild and intermittent at best! The other part is I had a lot of things going on - Tracy and I got our first house together, moving, signing on at a hospital full-time as apposed to being a nurse traveler and a flare up of my spondylitis to boot! Yeah, that would be enough to render my throwing hand limp. There you go I was stressed out and left knitting impotent!! Alas, it only lasted until late fall, and now I'm throwing like nobody's business. It kind of always goes in cycles for me and I get about one period, albeit short-lived, of knitorexia a year. Good to hear from you again! Thanks for the recommendation of the books; I LOVE vampire books. There is a GREAT vampire tour here in New Orleans that you guys would really enjoy. Tracy and I went on our first evening date. Is that weird?

“Now, let us all take a deep breath and
forge on into the future;
knitting at the ready.” -- E. Zimmerman

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Best to go with the flow- when it's time for you to knit again, you will. A season for everything.

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I took a hiatus that lasted almost 20 years! I am now so totally addicted that I probably wouldn't survive a week with out picking up the needles. Hope everything gets back in order for you soon.

{{{{{{Huggs}}}}}} in case you need some and even if you don't.



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Thanks for the Hugs! Can always use a few hugs

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If you like vampires - try the "blood" books by Tanya Huff.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I'm in the opposite rut - a non-reading rut and that's really odd for me. I am usually a voracious reader but I can't seem to finish a book in under a month l lately but I'm knitting up a storm -hat, hats and more hats. I love all things Vampire so thanks for the recommendations. My favorites so far are Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles (there is nothing better then homoerotic Vampires) and The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova .

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Sometimes a knitting break is a good thing. I quit knitting for a while in early college. Then I took it back up and have never really looked back. Even so, I do have slow periods and may not knit for a week or so. As to vampire books...Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. She was doing the sexy vampire back before the others. "Hotel Transylvania" is the first of her Comte de Saint Germain series. She took a break from them for a few years but the new series is just as good as the originals. I always enjoy her. --- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.