Making notes

Maybe it's just me but I have a really hard time making clear and concise notes on patterns that I am working that I will understand later on. Does anyone have a best practices technique for adding notes to a pattern? I hope this isn't too stupid of a question.


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I find making a silhouette graphic of the garment with notes on length, gauge, number of stitches, number of rows, number of stitches bound off, etc helps a lot. I actually start the graphic first so I can calculate the number of stitches to cast-on.

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Heck! I don't have any method except ask 2300 people or so what I did.

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Hey I hear you... I have trouble with interpreting directions... persist... do the same pattern a few times to get your confidence up... mind you, I'm not taking my own advise at the moment... well, am doing another sweater but different pattern.... once sweaters and nailed, then I'll move on to socks etc. But when struggling, take care not to destroy your confidence.... build it up somehow.
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I tend to translate the pattern into a spreadsheet - easier for me to write notes and directions then

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What software do you use? I'm aware that they are out there, but I've been hesitant to look into them.

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When I'm starting a project, I start writing my gauge info and any other information I think I'll need into my spiral notebook. Once I get my gauge established, then I'll either transpose the pattern row information into an Excel spreadsheet or I'll rewrite it into my notebook.

I prefer to take the time to write down the info for the pattern so that when I'm in the middle of it, I can turn my mind off about the many pieces of the project and I can just focus on the row I'm working on. I also have a hard time knitting from an instruction that says something like: "Decr 1 at each end for this row and every 4th following row". That kind of instruction makes me nuts. So, I make a list in my notebook for each row and every 4th row, I'll make a note to Decr 1 at each end. It's a few minutes extra work on the front end, but it allows me to make sure I'm reading the pattern correctly and that my decreases are going to work according to the pattern and I end up with the required number of stitches when finished.

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This is great stuff. Thanks a bunch you guys! You've all given me some great ideas - now to start implementing them.

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Most of my notes are pretty haphazard. I try to keep them with the pattern, either by writing them on the photocopy I'm working from or in my notebook. Even so, I cannot stress too strongly the need to almost go overboard with notes...I'm always trying to figure out just what in the world I was thinking when I look back at some of them. --- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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i make a copy of the pattern, and make step by step notes on the back, sometimes on a drawing or chart. i have no idea if it would sense to me down the road.

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