First timer

After 1) being away from this site way too long - shame on me -, 2) rigorously sticking to stockinette and garter stitch projects and 3) enviously eyeing MMario en Kerry's works of art, I'm proudly presenting you, tadaa, the Hanami stole, my first lace knitting. It's an anniversary present for grandmother and luckily (for me that is, not for her, obviously) her eyesight is not what is used to be, so she won't be noticing the freestyle basketweave motif...

If you're curious:
Pattern: Hanami by Melanie Gibbons
Yarn: Baby Alpaca Lace from Plymouth Yarn, colour 100
Needles: straight #3 / 3.5 mm
Notes: a backwards loop cast on, no beads, omitted chart F and ruffle, did chart E 1.5x and ended with 6 garter stitch rows

More pictures here:

And now on to upgrading my picture taking skills ;-)


purlyman's picture

Wow - you should be very proud!! That looks beautiful and amazing... almost like it's a living thing! Thanks for sharing the picture(s).


mrossnyc's picture

That's a great effect!

crmartin's picture

That's really beautiful! I love the gradual airiness of it.


MMario's picture

Certainly a lot to be proud of in this project. It looks great!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

albert's picture

The contrast of the rigorously geometric basketweave motif with the oganic-feeling openwork is really striking- beautifully done!

rc_in_sd's picture

I've been interested in trying a lace project, and this is really inspiring me! Great job!

chipsir's picture

I like it very much, I think you have done a beautiful job, the nice thing about older eyes (and I have em) is they see the love and effort rather than perfect execution, I say bravo !!!!!!!!! keep em coming.

Kerry's picture

Ann, your shawl looks beautiful, well done, I'm sure your grandmother will be very pleased.

scottly's picture

I love it! Yes, you inspire me to find another lace project.

TheKnittingMill's picture

This is BEAUTIFUL!! I've never seen anything like it before; it's very organic. The yarn you used was a really good choice! Congratulations...


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