Alan Dart Patterns It's a Yorkie

For those of you who like this guy's work, he is now seeling downloadable patterns starting at $ 3.72 or £ 2.5 ( at this moment) , I will be purchasing more when he get's the more in April. He is a great Craftman for toys. I was waiting for this day when I could buy his patterns online!

He accepts Paypal!

Alan Dart Web Site


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Holy WOW! I'm such a sucker. I just bought two patterns! Thanks for the link.

Grace and Peace,

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Awwwww...that is so cute! Thank you for sharing the his website with us. Well, there goes my budget for another month!

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O tentation cruelle!

I've been eyeing his website for a while after seeing old patterns for sale on Ebay. Straight away I was linking gift recipients to patterns, but I still have two unfinished daleks. Decisions, decisions...

"Midnight shakes the memory as a madman shakes a dead geranium."

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And forget the field mice - I want RATS!!!

"Midnight shakes the memory as a madman shakes a dead geranium."

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Alan Dart has a ravelry group...

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog The group looks like it is of great help for everyone who wants to have some coaching. I was reading some of the postings are peole are very helpful. Nothing like experience, thanks for sharing Bill!

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Those are so cute! I also ordered two patterns, If I have a breakdown trying to knit them, it's all your fault Andy.



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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I have his email , but you can always contact him directly, he is a very nice guy. I want to spend more money next month on his Pups, I love the doggies and I hop to make some.

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Oh wow! The Springer Spaniel reminds me SO much of...well I think you can see who:) A lighter, reddish brown yarn, and voila!
Gonna have to give this one a try! Thanks Andy.