Martha Stewart's Yarn Show airs tomorrow

Just to let you guys know that Martha's airing a yarn show. As part of it, I think she's going to the Lion Brand factory to have designers show how they come up with new yarns. Just an FYI to set your DVR's if interested...


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When is it scheduled? I wanna see! I wanna see! Oh....the knew I saw "tomorrow" somewhere......never mind...

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I think the airtime varies by area, so check your local listings. But, it airs tomorrow, Monday.

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And then she's going to knit a condo. :-)

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Thanks for the information Michael. I'll be sure to check that out! "All I ask is that you treat me no differently than you would Martha!"

“Now, let us all take a deep breath and
forge on into the future;
knitting at the ready.” -- E. Zimmerman

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Call me a yarn snob..... but I think I can give this one a miss lol

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I'd love to watch it...but I don't have cable...and am not sure when it's on...
wasn't Martha's Prison Poncho lion's brand???

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It was totally worth it, just to see my friend Nathan Vincent!

For those of you not interested in Martha, but are interested in fascinating crochet work, !

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He had some cool projects on the show. Thanks for the URL to his site.

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I can go for the Lion Brand Wool Eze. It's not all that bad. I can't manage the all synthetic stuff however. They do have one that's 100% wool too I think.

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I've used Wool Ease on a couple of projects and I think it's OK. If it's used on an afghan that doesn't get used or washed that often and it's been fine. I recently made a rug out of some of the leftover afghan yarn and it's already starting to get fuzzy just from regular use and it's only been a couple of months. I haven't used any of their 100% wool.