For You That Knit In the Night....... have to check these out.  Needles that illuminate your knitting.  So now you can go to the movies and purl your way through the popcorn!  I am tempted to buy a pair.    Knitparisienne 


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Might be handy too if the cafe your knitting group meets in has rather dim lighting!

Are those the ones that light up along the entire length of the needle, or just the tip? Because I would kill for a pair of the former.



And you thought you attracted attention by knitting while male!  Imagine the looks you'll get using neon-colored, illuminated needles.

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I have two pair.... .

I bought one pair from a knitting show...the other on Ebay... they were $39. a pair!!!! so these new ones...which look very similar are steal!
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There is a difference... mine are solid clear acrylic...light up the entire length... sort of a bluish light... Bill

These will be a great birthday/Christmas gift. thanks for the heads up!

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