OMG!! I am so freaking excited I literally jumped up and down, flapping my hands like a plum fool while screaming like a pre-adolescent Japanese school girl on fire!!

I turned the heel of my sock AND picked up all the wrapped stitches... ALL BY MYSELF!


Go, Thor! Go, Thor!! Go, Thor!!! Woop! Woop!! :-)

What a perfect topper to a blissful sock knitting day! I drove down to Geneva, IL for the "Wool & Company" knit together. Met a wonderful group of knitters, all very fun and friendly... then continued knitting with Ben (ManMadeKnits) over gelato, getting to meet some of his wonderful friends from church and yoga... then we went out for sushi & knitting where we were met by our joyous co-conspirator, Beth (ETRamblings).

BTW, all the ladies at this afternoon's knit together "Hooted & Howled" over Dave's posting of the Willy Warmer!! Some of the questions that followed once the hubaballoo calmed down were hilarious! What kind of yarn is best for that sort of project? Do you guys REALLY wear a "Willy Warmer"? Do you really NEED to wear a "Willy Warmer"? What happens if you, er...uh, well, you know... get... uhm, well, a r o u s e d ? Does the yarn stretch? LOL! It certainly made for an afternoon of great merriment!


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Congratulations! It is exciting!

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Congrats on all the sock fun! I haven't tried knitting the wraps when I do short rows on the heels just because I haven't. I guess I should do it sometime as a change of pace. LOL The Willy Warmer instructions I've seen all recommend taking proper measurements for various, shall we say, size differences. That way, there is plenty of ease. I've not knit one (although I have one that was given to my father as a gag gift in the 1940's, complete with a little ditty) but I imagine scratchy yarns are out of the question. (Unless there's a special request involved.) --- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Congrats on the socks. Bet it feels great to have mastered it. I've yet to do it, but I've been knitting short rows for awhile using wrap and turn. But recently discovered a nicer looking result using the yarn over technique. Here's where I learned about it and it really does look better:
Yarn Over Short Row Technique

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Thank you for letting me know about these other techniches for doing short rows! Honestly, I had no idea they even existed. I have bookmarked the pages for future reference.