Elephant Baby Blanket

Sup dudes? So, I'm going to make this blanket for a coworker who is having a baby in June (note to self, must start NOW). I bought the Alice Starmore book that this came from but it's for a sweater. I have also purchased the yarn. I'm okay with doing the blanket in the round and steeking it but I'm not sure about the edging. How do you get those nice mitered corners? Do you do the bottom edge and top edge in your knitting and then pick up the sides when you're finished? Help........



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If you are going to knit it in the round and steek I would think you could just knit the entire border as you go. YOu might have to play with the charts to get the mitered corners.

If you want the four edges to match - then you could work a top and bottom edge to match your steek.

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Are you using the Shetland yarns as called for in the pattern? If you think they might be a little scratchy or if you think the stranded on the back of the blanket might snag on various things, you may want to line the back with a nice soft flannel or sateen fabric in a color that would go well with the blanket.

"Pinneguri" from the "Med Pinner" blog has posted instructions for her shawl "Mrs. Barrista" where she knits a triangular shawl with a steek and a mitered border. I think that she's posted detailed instructions in English, with photo illustrations, on Ravelry.

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I haven't done much steeking, but what I have done has had a knitted flap to cover the cut steeks. I think I would be inclined to knit the border on after and going all the way around with right and left leaning inc's on each side of the corner stitch, but better yet checkout the site recommended in the previous comment, it looks to be a beautiful blanket and I hope you post pictures of it when you have finished.

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Sorry, don't steeks from steaks, but love the elephant pattern. Lucky baby.

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Per Ravelry comment: Knit as a tube with a steek, then cut and border sts picked up and knit in the round. Not sure how they're managing the corners.. . I think paired increases would work.

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Okay: This is what I have gathered so for.....Pick up stitches putting markers at the corners. Knit round one doing an increase on either side of the marker. Next round no increase. Round three as round one.
What do you think?

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Not sure if you saw this, but they just posted it as a new Ravelry pattern. $6.00 download. (but I'm thinking you already have the pattern).