First Intarsia Project

I finished this scarf a couple of weeks ago, but haven't gotten around to getting the pics off my camera card until today. I'd been tossing ideas around in my head for making an intarsia afghan and figured I should start a little smaller first. This was knit with Cascade 128 that had been in my stash for a while on a K1 P1 pattern. I wanted to make the row heights a series of Fibonacci numbers, but my partner (who this is for), didn't like the way it looked on paper. So there are more color changes than planned.

In this pic, the wrong side is on the left so you can see the color changes and the right side is well, on the right. The attached picture shows the wrong side before I started weaving in all the ends. That dreaded task wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Overall I'm pleased with it and the idea for the afghan is still turning around in the dark recesses of my mind and perhaps one day will see the light of day.

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I really like the design of this scarf! I love the progressional elongation of the boxes. God bless you for weaving in all of those ends!

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Oh those ends make me cringe. Awesome scarf did a great job.


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Very fun!

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Beautiful scarf, you did a fantastic job!



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The numbers may not be fibonacci - but the appearance seems to be close to the golden ratio; which ; which is what counts.

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Isn't the ordinary sunflower, the pattern in the centre based on Fibonacci ? Maybe stash that thought in the back of the same dark recesses and one day maybe come up with an incredible sunflower afghan.

Just a thought for you creative guys out there... me... nahhh forget it... I'm still on K1, P1 and hopefully in the end it comes out as a sweater or something...something useable.

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I find if I just keep stacking up stitiches I eventually end up with a sweater.

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Yes, I think it is. That's basically what I'm tossing around in my head; something very similar to that. I'm a huge fan of Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely and would love to knit something that is reminiscent of their work. I've mapped out a couple of designs in Illustrator for reference and to play around with color combos. Then comes the part where I have to actually create the design of the circle pattern and the increases needed, etc. Then I'm going to investigate how I'll actually do it: flat vs. round. I've come across a technique for intarsia in the round, but haven't tried it yet. I've got a sweater going at the moment and need to get that done first.

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Thanks for all the comments guys! They are appreciated!