Hi everyone,

Wonder if anyone can help! I've just started my first sock on five double pointed needles and am doing a K1 P1 rib stitch in a round (is that the term?). I've done this for about an inch and have just realised that a few rows down I have gone out of sync on one needle for some reason. Is there any way of correcting this without having to undo the knitting to before the error?

Any help appreciated...


You can correct it one row at a time using a crochet hook. It's not hard, but you have to watch what you are doing.

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Yes the crochet hook is the best idea, one stitch at a time, unravel down one stitch to where it went out of kilter and then use the hook to remake the stitches, I find working from the knit side of the stitch is easier so every other stitch, work from the inside side as this will be a purl on the outside. Hope this helps, it really is only a minor set back, knit on knit on lol.

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This is a great description of how to do it. I have to do it all the time especially late at night when I'm trying to knit while nodding off. Don't be afraid, it's really easy - you're just pulling loops through loops.