Felted Clogs - 10 years in the making!

Well, I did it. I bought the pattern for the Fibertrends Felted Clogs 10 years ago and never got around to knitting them. But, finally, I knit two pair using yarn I don't remember the name of, because I knit three of them last summer and then didn't knit the fourth until this winter after I had moved to NC from FL.

The husband finally got to move up a few weeks ago and, of course, he had packed the other three who knows where??? Nobody. So, this past weekend while unpacking, I found them and finally got to throw them all in the washer!!!!!

I almost left them in too long!!!

But they were fine after we wore them around the house for a bit to stretch them out.

Mine are kind of jewel tones variegated with black cuff and soles. Scott's are greens and browns variegated with brown cuff and soles. We've dubbed his the "Shrek Slippers". Mine, have no name.

I'll post pictures once I remember where we put the camera.


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That is one of my very favorite knitting patterns of all time.

It is well written and creates a clog-slipper that everyone who sees them wants a pair...I have made and given out many of these as gifts.

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do you have any pictures of these? Where can I get the pattern?

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sounds wonderful

I may have to acquire the pattern

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I have seen the pattern and the clogs are very nice, I woyuld add some regia Sock stickers for the bottom when I make my pair , when I buy the pattern, sometime in the future!

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Everyone who has this pattern and, dare I say bought and stashed the yarn for this project, but have yet to make it... Raise Your Hand! See, Brent, you are in good company!

I purchased the pattern and some really cool hand-spun... I can see it from here... sitting there, bored, as it stares out at me from it's clear plastic stash bin... knowing that, once again, winter has come and gone and still it sits..

Poor little hand spun clogs waiting to happen!

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Well what are you waiting for? If I can finish them, everyone can!

Brent Troth  Clearwater, Florida

Brent Troth  Raleigh, NC

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So I did some web research and everyone simply raves about these clogs and the pattern. Is it really that good? the pictures look great, but I need to hear from someone who actually made them.
Is the pattern hard, difficult to follow, a ton of counting? Does the pattern knit the sole as well, or is that something else that you must purchase to sew the clog to?
Do they take a long time to knit?
How much yarn and what type does it use?

I've never bought a pattern before so I would want to know what I am getting myself into before I buy it.

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I've made at least a dozen of these. The pattern comes in multiple sizes and includes the sole of the clog, but obviously not any leather or rubber soles folks sometimes add to them for traction or durability. I have never sewn on anything to mine and the pattern as delivered makes a very cushy sole that molds to my feet after a short time of wearing them.

It's not what I would consider an easy pattern, but I wouldn't consider it hard either. I guess it's just not intuitive the first time you try one. There is quite a bit of counting involved, because the shaping of the sole uses short-rows.

A pair of clogs where the sole and the cuff are different colors takes me about 300 yards of each color (I buy 2 each of 2 colors of Cascade 220 and I have some left over of both colors). The pattern calls for a double strand of worsted weight wool.

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I've done short rows for socks, is it any more complex than that?
and what do you mean by "double strand"

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If you've done a short row heel for socks, it's like that. Double strand means you use two strands of yarn at the same time when you're knitting...the pattern needs you to have twice as much thickness to your yarn as worsted weight would allow.

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AND - at least in theory- the two strands knit together promote felting more then using a single strand of "bulky" would.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Take the plunge and come back with questions if you have any. I as well have knit several pairs of these clogs and love them. This reminds me that I need to finally make myself a pair, I've make 5-8 of them for gifts and have never made any for me. It's time! The one thing that I would say if photocopy the pattern, yes it's on teal and not easily copies but you will want to go thru and highlight the size specific instructions/numbers for the size you are knitting, trust me on this. And don't try and second guess the instructions, Bev is a very good knitter and pattern writer and if she tells you to do something, don't question it just do it and it will all work out!

As for yarn I've used Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride for all of mine. If you are knitting the largest size mens and don't knit the bumpers you will have enough yarn from 2 skeins each color, iirc, it's been a while. If you do the bumper you will run out of yarn about 1/4 of the way around the 2nd clog. Just enough short to make you want to trow something at someone and really not worth the extra $8 to buy another skein. That said, no they're not cheap to make BUT well worth it.

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Add me to those who rave about this pattern. I agree with Joe that it is not a necessarily hard pattern, it does require your undivided attention while working on it. As long as you follow the pattern line by line you will get good results. If you are on Ravelry there is a group dedicated to the Fiber Trends Felted Clog. Lots of us here have made them as well.

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I've made at least a dozen of these now too. Everyone loves them and I've had fun with felting all kinds of wool! I've never done the leather soles, but I've glued this rubberized fabric stuff on the bottoms before. Try using an eyelash yarn on the cuffs too. I thought about using all over for wookie slippers. I still might!