Looking for NE Panhandle West Virginia Men Who Knit

Is there anybody out there? (Pink Floyd reference).

Just wondering if perhaps I'm the only MWK person in the NE Panhandle of West Virginia. (I'm sure I can't be.)

I find the MWK site hard to search for local men who knit. I stepped out to the Martin's Cafe in Martinsburg last Thursday, and will again tonight, but I'm the solo dude in the crowd (a novelty for them).

Are there any Martinsburg/Shepherdstown are men knitters on here?


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I was at a KIP and a knit gathering in Martinsburg last June; but doubt I'll be able to make it this year.
Everything happens at the same time!

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WV here but way down in Summersville.

Well, if I win the lotto, maybe I'll see ya at Martin's Cafe.