Facebook can be a great resource for connecting with people you have lost touch with. I recently chatted with a former co-worker from many years ago. I had crocheted a baby blanket for her daughter who turned 14 this year. This would have been one of my first first projects (probable second or third). I was quite surprised to learn that she still has the blanket! I have asked her to post a picture of it, if she can. It would be interesting to see it again. Sometimes, I tend to discount how other people view these gifts. I tend to see how I could have done it better, while they see a family keepsake to pass on. It is humbling to know that someone thought so much of my gift that they kept it for 14 years (13 of them with no contact). Especially considering how mobile today's society is.

For those of you have been knitting/crocheting for a while now, it would be interesting to hear your reaction the first time you realized one of your your gifts became a "prized possession".


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Wow, that's a tough one, given how long I've been knitting. Hmmm...Let's see...I think it would've been the afghan I knit for my sister in scarlet and coral pink stripes using "feather and fan". I was glad that she liked it but was amazed when she never used it, prefering to put it away into storage immediately. It's been 27+ years since then and I still get a dazzle whenever she pull it out. Which isn't often. Now the slippers I knit for her...that's a whole different story: I finally had to revolt and tell her the factory was shut down. No more slippers for birthday and Christmas. I may still give her a pair from time to time but no more on-demand. --- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I've given away most of my knits and it is always gratifying if someone says they like it enough to wear it, but I can't forget the thrill I had when I sent 11 items to an art exhibition and 9 of them sold! What a buzz.

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Wow is right!

Hmmmm...prized possessions...

Well, the Baldwin Sisters (aka my Mother and Aunt Debbie -- yes, they're sisters, yes, they live on a ridge in the hills of Virginia, yes, they know a thing'r'two about Recipe, and no, Ashley Longworth has never returned) -- they wear the hats that I knit for them -- all year 'round.

They brag to people all along the ridge of the socks that I knit them and even have people take pictures of them with their cellphones! (after a few times, that's enough right there to want a few samples of Recipe)

...ahhh, but it warms me little heart knowin' that they're so fond of me work!

Neither of them pick up needles and yarn. In fact, Mother gave me her needles -- that she inherited from an Aunt or her grandmother, I think, since she didn't use them and she knew they'd get plenty of use between my fingers!


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I don't think it's a prized possession, but it could be. My first project ever was a chemo-cap and I think it was good. My second gift was a sort of patchwork baby blanket. My partner Matt and I worked on it together and we used this really cheap acrylic yarn. We knitted 9 squares and none of them were the same size so we just forced them together by sewing along the edges. Then... instead of blocking it (and remember the yarn was acrylic) we decided we'd iron it. Well, it didn't catch on fire but it did sort of melt I guess you could say here and there. We were still so proud and couldn't wait to see it unwrapped at the baby shower. I would love to see it again.