DIY Swift Making our own Swift!

Have you looked at the prices of swifts? Needless to say I have and I am not impressed , I found this website where there are instructions to make our own swift. Some hardware stores do cut wood for you and if you are very very nice they may do it for free or charge you per cut. The link for the swift is this one

you may copy and paste on your browser.

I may be working on one this weekend on next weekend and I will post pictures of course. This is a simple project that we can do and share pictures with. So are we up to the challenge to create our own swifts? I am . This picture is from the site.


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I like this idea. One I was using (borrowed) recently had a base of a heavier piece of square wood instead of a cross on which the arms revolved. Just another idea.

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Great idea!!! I have a swift, I have ear marked the page when my gives up the ghost. You are right, they are expensive ......mine was around $55.00

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I just finished the swift and I am letting it dry as I have been using a wood stain, I am hoping to have pictures for tomorow.

Andy you are so.....crafty! I like this idea of yours.

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This is a great Idea. Thanks for showing us. I would really like one.