Alpaca and llama fleece

today i receive 35.6lbs of alpaca and llama fleece........ i don't know what i was thinking of omg all of the work i'm have to do washing and cleaning and carding all of this fiber, i must been going crazy but i love my hobbies and work so damn here i go with the fiber.....


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Please do post pictures of your process as we learn from your fun projects too!

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i sure will Andy... i know their will be several projects coming from me this yarn hopefully

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It aint no sin to spin and spin!

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Good luck, that sounds like a massive project. I'd love to hear more about the process as well as see pics of what you do with all that fiber.

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If you work at it a little at a time then you can have some fiber at each stage and switch off between tasks to prevent boredom. Still - it sounds like you've enough to keep yourself busy for quite a while!

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Where did you get such a grand volume? A local farm, craft place, co-op?


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i got this fleece from a lady in AZ. She place a ad in the group Fleece for Sell. The ad said Free Alpaca fleece come and pick it up... whatever u want these are the adult Alpaca fleece. so i e-mail her and ask her could she send it to me and she yes and the only thing i had to do where pay for shipment....