Latest Raglan - in Shephard Worsted Mineshaft colorway

Purchased this yarn back in 2005 and finally got around to knitting with it. I am a big Mineshaft groupie haveing used the yarn in the other weights. I actually own 27 skeins of the sock weight purchased across five states and four dyelots. It is a bit of an obsession.

Used Ann Budd's Handy Book of Sweater patterns to shape the raglan as my guide. I prefer to do my decreases several stiches in - 2 in this case, which gives it a nice edging. Sweater is done in the round from the bottom up and so once I began the decreasing for the raglan, thankfully, I tried it on and realized that the decreases were not happening fast enough. I experimented by going down two needle sizes and then one more for the neck. It worked. Otherwise I would have been ripping out. The bands are done with the same yarn - pewter colorway - which I think anchors the multi pattern.

This is a project I am quite pleased with and it is so comfortable.


ronhuber's picture

The sweater looks lovely. I, too, like the pewter bands as they seem to set off the colours in the body. Great knitting.

albert's picture

Beautiful muted tones; the pewter is a perfect counterpoint to the movement of the main color. I find myself more drawn to worsted weight these days- I like the "heft" of the resulting fabric. Well done!

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That looks great!! I fits perfectly. Great job!!


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Congratulations!! I think the sweater looks really smart and the decision for the pewter bands was a really good one. Great job!

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