Just finished a new little sweater for a couple of friends. It's called "Lucky" from Rowan.

It's a great little pattern, despite the fact that I prefer patterns with less sewing. Details on my blog. If you get the chance to pick up Pipsqueaks book sometime, I'd definitely recommend it.

Grace and Peace,


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That's adorable. I love the little button at the top. Great job!!


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That is such a beautiful sweater and perfect colour. Nothing washed out with that pink. It is gorgeous. Great knitting.

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Great job Tim! I love the color and the modern silhouette with the one button.


“Now, let us all take a deep breath and
forge on into the future;
knitting at the ready.” -- E. Zimmerman

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Well done, I like the color- I wish I could get away with wearing it.

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Truly always makes me happy to see knitted baby items in ANY color other than pastel, and this color is like the anti-pastel...I LOVE it.

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Very cute and very hip.

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That's really cute, I'm sure your friends will cherish it.



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Like everybody else I love the color. It's amazing. The kid who gets it will look fabulous.

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That's fantastic. I really like the color.


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I echo all the comments. Just fantastic. - Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.