Miniature Leaf Lace Curtain

This is the first of two lace curtains I'm knitting - well, I've just started the second. It is knit on Addi Turbo size 10 needles, with Grace mercerized cotton. The lace pattern is one from Knitting for Dummies...some of the other curtain patterns I have seemed to be more complicated than I can currently handle, so I opted for something simpler.


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I love the clean, fresh look of lace curtains. You made a perfect choice in stitch patterns for a curtain.

Did you really mean a size 10 needle? That can't even be a 10 mm needle....a UK size 10 needle is 3.25 mm or US size that what it is maybe?

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Wow!! That is awesome, great job!



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I just had to check the needle size... yes, it's a US size 10 or 6 mm needle.

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That's great...sorry to question...I'm going to have to pull out my bigger needles and cotton and try something like this.

Thanks for showing me what can be accomplished with this combination.

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You are so humble, simple indeed, it is beautiful and many many hours of work. The largest item I have lace knitted in crochet cotton was a doily which I mounted and used for a wall hanging. You are a wonderful knitter, keep up the good work, I am sure you can get into the complicated patterns with no problems.

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Thanks - my problem is that I tend to take on things ...without knowing what's ahead of me. The beauty of this pattern is that it only looks complicated ;-) Actually, I did screw it up several times when I first started it and had to frog the thing at least 2 or 3 times (ok maybe it was more like 5 or 6 times). Fortunately I used a safety line...but in the last 2 feet I just kept knitting without moving the line. I guess by then I was getting use to the pattern. Hopefully the second curtain will be much faster than the first!

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I like it very much. Hadn't even thought about knitting lace curtains. I'll blame you if I can't get the idea out of my head :-)

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Thanks - I got hooked on the idea when travelling through Europe. I love the look of lace curtains. Most of the curtains I saw there appeared to be crochet or a bobbin lace (which I would like to learn some day), but since I could knit, I started digging around for curtain patterns. I didn't come across many, but thought that since it's just a flat rectangle, I could pretty much use any lace pattern I wanted. At some point I'll try some of the other patterns I have...until I run out of windows in which to hang them!

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How long did it take you? No I am not ...not going to take on a project like that ... at the rate that I knit it would take me the next year or two :) Well done on such a big task.
Istanbul, Turkey


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Hmmm... I think maybe about 24 hours, spread out over a month or two. I kept taking a break from it to work on other things. I try to keep a few larger projects going alongside some small stuff that I can carry around with me. I only worked on this curtain at home, when I had some quiet time. I tried knitting this while watching a movie once (what was I thinking?)...not a good idea. In any case, soon the warmer weather will be around here, and I'm not crazy about having pile of wool around me, so I'll stick to cotton projects for the next few months. I think sometimes that just looking at white cotton makes me forget the heat... lol.

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This is looking pretty ambitious to me! Nice! I have had so much trouble completing anything lately. Could it be the new Viking sewing machine I have? I would do well to finish Dave in Istanbul's "warmer" at this point! Very nice drape and looks complicated enough to me! Kudos!

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Thanks! I just got my sewing machine out of storage - I figured I should start using the thing.

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The curtain is lovely. A truly beautiful design. Great knitting

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Thanks Ron!

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I'm in awe of the pattern and the execution. Way more complicated and consistent than I could manage. Very nice.

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Very accomplished work. What a great idea, knitting curtains- you can have your work on display at all times, and change them out as the mood suits you.

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That is beautiful. Well done. You should be proud.

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Very nice. My most ambitious cotton lace project was a Shetland shawl knit on US 7 circulars with Knit Cro Sheen. Blocked, it was over 5 feet across. Made in honor of my mother, it will go to my new great-grandniece at our family reunion this summer. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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The curtains are magnificent! I've been a crocheter for over a decade and have crocheted curtains before, so I can appreciate the work and the beauty. You've done a great job!


“Now, let us all take a deep breath and
forge on into the future;
knitting at the ready.” -- E. Zimmerman

That looks so nice, we have lace curtains in our sitting/music room. It really lets the light in. Our lace has been handed down from my wife's grandmother; but, none of it's made by a family member. Perhaps it's time to change that. I have that book; I feel an heirloom coming on.


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Beautiful work! I'm hooked on lace and can'te beleive I never thought of knitting lace curtains. Thanks for the inspiration.