first sock!

Here's the socks I am working on. I am following a pattern to the best of my ability. The yarn is from my stash.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Love the Yarn, it is looking like you are at the heel flap! Go Sonics Go!

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Yes, it is pretty sweet yarn. I have worked my way to the heel turning tonight.

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Very nice that the Kaffe Fassett sock yarn by Regia?

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I though it might be Noro. So far do good, turning the heel is the fun part.

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Yes it its Noro.

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Its Noro..something, not sure which.

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I love the color blends, it looks like you are having no problem following the pattern. I'd also like to know more about that yarn.

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Other than the small sized stitches and rather tiny needles Im doing okay. It's Noro.

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Great colors! I used to tell people I was helping learn to knit socks that when you change needles and start a new one, those first couple of stitches you can just pull the be-jesus out of or they might be too loose. After that you can ease up and just knit sort of normally. Great first effort! Let us know how it turns out. Remember as my dad used to keep telling me, you have to be able to make another one near enough like it than you can call them a pair(so maybe make a few notes?)! Enjoy!

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i will try that for sure with the next one. I am hoping they are alike and not two monsters!

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Yay for sock knitting! Looks good and the colors are awesome. Wait until you turn the heel. You will feel like you are the smartest knitter on the planet.

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Thank you. The colours are cheerful. Which is a great relief from the cold and snow this winter. I am now attempting the heel. I could use feeling that good right about now.

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You're doing great, looks like you are not having any problems.



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Thanks. No real problems yet.

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Great looking sock. The colorway is very lovely and should make a nice matched set. Keep up the good work. - Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thank you very much!

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like the colorway a lot. makes the knitting fun

we put birds on things

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Yes indeed, colour is very important isn't it? I was feeling a bit down. When I saw this colourway in the shop all I could think was how nice it was snd what the heck could I do with it? Had to buy it just to look at it my knitting basket for a while.

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I couldn't agree more with Vince. Wait till you turn the heel, it's a knitting right of passage with a big wow factor. ;-)

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Sounds exciting. I can't wait as Ive just started the hell tonight.

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Sonics are doing great...just keep doing what the pattern tells you and you will be fine...I am going to go with the Noro guess lol. By the time you have knit a few pair you will not need a pattern. I just throw some stitches onto my needles and away I go lol.

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Noro it is. Can't remember which one though or the name of the colourway.

I am looking forward to knitting lots of pairs of socks. How nice it will be not to bother with a pattern.

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I sooo am getting Noro sock yarn!

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Don't forget to keep some extra left-over yarn for the patches. Noro is notorious for wearing out really fast. I mean, really really fast!! Just so you know, and aren't suprised when it happens. Learn how to do do the duplicate stitch now... for later repairs!! Just saying --

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For me the heel turning on my first pair was the best, though highly intimidating, part. It was almost like riding a roll-a-coaster. You start out of the gate pretty benign knitting the familiar ribbed cuff, then you progress onto the first turn (the leg) and think, "this isn't SO bad." Then you see the heel/hill in the distance and you get a little anxious as you're creeping up the steep incline of the big drop. You then start the heel turn a few feet from the apex with your stomach in your throat and slowly, but surely get it done realizing it's really NOT that bad as you accelerate back down to earth experiencing the glee of your accomplishment, and then for the home stretch of completing the foot. Finally, you're easing back into the vestibule of the toe! WHEW!!! I've learned you're of one of two schools after finishing that first sock--either you're nauseous and never want to do it again (whereas that finished sock could make for a nice putting cover) or you're hooked and can't wait to go on another ride! I, myself, being the latter.

“Now, let us all take a deep breath and
forge on into the future;
knitting at the ready.” -- E. Zimmerman

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I'd like to mention that I *really* like the yarn and colour. Damn, I'm not the first...

Looks like a pretty good sock for a beginner. As you make more socks and get faster, you might find your tension changes - so make sure you make the pair together and not leave the second sock until after other projects!

Looks great though. That wool is awesome.

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Looks great! Good luck with the heel turn. You've probably gone past that by now. The advice of finishing the matching sock before moving on is good advice. I didn't do that and the first half of one sock was tighter than the end of it. I'm still only 1/3 of the way done with the second one, so that gauge will probably be different as well. I just get bored with socks so I'm always putting them down to make an afghan, a sweater or something else instead. Maybe when I finish my current sweater, I'll force myself to finish that sock...