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There has been some interest expressed in the yarn I am knitting with right now, so here it is: Custom Woolen Mills, Alberta, Canada. They are at This is a 2ply worsted weight wool, Sage Green Heather. It is a traditional mule-spun yarn, with a nice loft to it. It comes in 4 oz skeins, the way yarn used to come before the world lost its' collective mind and embraced the sterile, antiseptic and soulless metric system (am I ranting?). Anyway, I'm enjoying this yarn and am looking forward to the finished sweater which will feature simple cables, ribs and rice stitch. Now that I mention ribs and rice, I'm getting hungry, so if you'll excuse me...


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I'm kind of ashamed of myself...I've been staring at this picture like an adolescent boy might stare at his first pornographic picture. I guess I really am obsessed with all things knitting.

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DITTO!! I feel like I need a long shower!

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I was about to gently chastise Albert for posting yarn p0rn myself....

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Wow. What a catch. I checked the site out and agree with you.

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albert u are really making me feel so bad right now.... b/c all i want to do is just pull out a couple sweater pattern and knit them up but u and everyone else know i don't have the time right now

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This is a good time for spinning in Alabama- soon it will be too hot to knit sweaters down there. Next fall you can knit up a sweater with your handspun.

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That is the yummiest looking yarn that I've ever seen, I wonder if my LYS carries it.

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Boy! A copy of that is definately a keeper, I hope you don't mind. just has the rich wool look. I hope I don't sound like a nut, or something, but I just love the feel of the skein of wool in my hands when I'm knitting. Enjoy your knitting Albert!

Keep it lite and happy!

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It's YARN, Boys- it's not Brad Pitt's a**!

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I checked out the website -- what a cool place. I have to say, though, has anyone heard of wool insulation? I love the idea.... is it really do-able?!

Grace and Peace,

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I daresay several billion sheep have heard of it.

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