I love my Hemlock Ring Blanket!

This is my Hemlock Ring Blanket's life now. It not only drapes beautifully over my exercise ball, it makes it so much nicer to use! The Bartlett's yarn I used doesn't slide at all on it. It spends most of it's time just looking pretty though as I still rarely use my exercise ball!


albert's picture

I think you have found the highest and best use for your exercise ball!

MMario's picture

Are you telling us you knit a ball cozy?

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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hahaha that's hilarious! a yoga ball cozy - I have a friend who is always asking me if I'm knitting an apartment cozy... or a house cozy... I think he'll laugh to know that a friend on here knitted a yoga ball cozy.....

hehehehe -

all that aside, it's a beautiful knit... I haven't done it yet... but I will... someday!



Kerry's picture

Your HRB looks great. I started one last year but it languishes in the UFO pile.

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Love that Bartlett yarn, and it just seems amazing to me that it doesn't slip off...even when you're using it. I think it would be funny to tell any new guests to your house that you have a crazy grandmother that insists on putting doilies on everything.

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That's awesome! When people ask me who I'm giving the Queen Anne's Lace Shawl I am working on to, I'll tell them it will be a cover for my exercise ball. It does look great.

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That's really beautiful and such a clever way to display it!



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Gorgeous. I def have that project in my Ravelry queue. Maybe I'll eventually get around to it.


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I agree with Thomabulous...I even have the yarn waiting in my stash...and lace has been calling to me a lot lately. My HRB-to-be haunts me when I turn off my iPod.

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The blanket is beautiful, the comments hilarious, what more can I add, oh, maybe a cozy for the car rofl!!!!!!!