WIP - Adding lining?

So I'm blocking the baby blanket and have decided to try to add lining to the back. I've picked out the fabric and my LYS has a "Sewing Help Class" every Wednesday evening where you can use their sewing machines, thread, etc. and get advice from one of the sewing instructors. I plan on going to that but I thought I'd ask you all for any pointers on attaching a lining to the back of a baby blanket. The blanket is blocked and I'm going to wash and pre-shrink the fabric tonight.

Thanks guys!



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Can't help you with the lining, but just wanted to say, the blanket is gorgeous!



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Just like Randy, can't help with the sewing part. (My twin is the one interested in sewing machines.) But the afghan IS just gorgeous. Lucky child who gets it. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I would sew it on by hand with an elastic stitch. I have lined sweaters before using that method. However, I am no expert. The blanket is gorgeous. Great knitting.

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I think attaching by hand is the way I would go as well, but seek the advice of the instructor and I think I would consider doing a reverse quilting knot using your yarns and tieing them in the back at each corner of the blocks. Will be vertually invisible from the front and quite attactive from the reverse side, well in my inexperienced way anyhow lol. Good luck and I echo the other comments ....a very lovely blanket and blessed be the child who recieves it.

This is a gorgeous afghan. Personally I would hand sew the backing to the afghan.

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Dittos all the above- I would add that your blanket is "painterly". Absolutely stunning!

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Well washing the fabric is a great first step and going to the class a second step. It is a great idea to have some help sewing the linning, I think it will be nice by hand or machine. Adding the linning is a very nice touch ! Let us know how it went!

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What a great baby blanket. Most are either pink or blue or yellow. It is so nice to see vibrant colors, something I am sure the baby will love. Great job. Let us know how the backing goes. I will be interested, as I have thought about doing that on an afghan I am working on.

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i love how the colorway in squares looks like crayoning. perfect for kid's blanket. did you plan that?

we put birds on things

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I didn't really plan that - I just saw the "Barn Raising Quilt" pics in a book and thought it looked great and decided to try a version of that.


It is nice to see what you worked on when we had our last meeting....I need to be more color-adventerous I think. I am too safe.