Finished Object - V Neck Sweater

here's a sweater I finished back in August but never mentioned... I like the way the pattern shows off the varigated pattern in the yarn... I don't like the vneck - it's wayyyy too big - not sure how to fix it so that it'll not look "fixed" if you know what I mean...

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Kyle...that is just amazing how the variegation looks like Dali striping. I finished a sweater with a crew neck where the neck opening was way too big. Mine was solid color, so I could have ripped it all out down to the neck shaping, but I opted instead to just make the collar wider, which closed the opening.

It looks like you could easily change the one inch v-neck into a 2 or 3 inch It might even be easy to pick up from the edge of the collar and continue inward another inch.

Another possible option would be to create a faux inner collar in a contrasting color, that would make it look like you were wearing a different sweater underneath this one...something like this:

Or if worse came to worse, you could always give it to a fat-headed person at MSKR (like me :))

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I've just started a v-neck sweater ... so there is a degree of difficulty? Oh boy... I'm not good at following instructions... I am pleased that so far it looks like what it is supposed to ... but I'm a long way from the neck ... so approach with caution... if going by your experience is going to help. Thanks... shall do :)
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